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Welcome to the homepage of Jörg Tomaschek!



I am Jörg Tomaschek and I am working as Senior Researcher (PostDoc) at the University of Luxembourg in the Mathematics Research Unit.

This homepage is supposed to give interested people a short overview about my career so far and a not so short view into my mathematical research topics.

I will update my homepage regularly, therefore feel free to visit it again and have some fun at exploring the new stuff.

If you have any wishes, suggestions and/or complaints, or if you want to share your thougths about my research areas, do not hesitate to contact me at the following address:

Quote of the month (September 2014):

"Das Auswahlaxiom ist offensichtlich wahr,
das Wohlordnungsprinzip offensichtlich falsch,
aber wer kann das schon beim Lemma von Zorn entscheiden?"

(Jerry L. Bona, born 1945)